About Orit

orit mutznik seo

Welcome to Orit, SEO me! 🙂

Nice to meet you, I’m Orit Mutznik.

My SEO Experience

I’m an experienced in-house SEO, speaker & author and build the SEO efforts & teams for very large brands such as 888bingo, eToro, SilkFred.com among others over the past 10+ years. I specialise in:

  • Technical SEO
  • International SEO (knowing 3 languages definitely helps!)
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Content strategy
  • Inbound Marketing

I’m an SEO Author

I’m one of 26 fantastic co-authors of the Amazon best selling SEO book “Mastering In-House SEO” by Simon Schneiders from Blue Array.

Here’s a sneak peak into my chapter of the book: The Overkill Approach To Scoring Your Dream SEO Role. Get your copy, as 100% of proceeds are donated to Samaritans so you can do some good and learn more about managing the SEO process in-house.

I’m also an SEO speaker

So far I’ve spoke at TeaTime SEO, find the recordings in the links below:

  1. Pagination & Query Strings (Shared the stage with Adam Gent (DeepCrawl) & Kiera Lavington (Candour))
  2. Managing the In-House SEO Process (Shared the stage with Areej AbuAli & Alina Ghost)

And I’m also scheduled to speak at BrightonSEO 2020 about my research into pagination in ecommerce – a topic that is often ignored, but paying attention to it can have a massive impact. It’s called “Thank U (rel) Next” and I’ll be sharing the slides and sum it up in an article in the near future.

There are more things to come, so I’ll be keeping this page up to date as more speaking opportunities come my way.

I took the #100daysofcode Challenge (still in it!)

I recently took the #100daysofcode challenge, In which I took a (Free) Python Programming Course for Beginners by Code With Mosh, I share my experience in this thread, in hopes to have more SEOs getting into python (even if you’re a programming noob like me!)

Though I finished the course at the 21st day of the 100 days of code challenge, I’m not done, I’m making implementing my new-found knowledge every day and I’ll be sharing useful python resources for SEOs as well.


I love memes in general, but I particularly enjoy having a good SEO laugh with SEO Memes & Gifs. I’m inspired by people like Izzi Smith, who in addition to being a total SEO BADASS at Ryte she is also a gifted SEO memer. I’ll definitely be sharing these (and creating my own) on this blog as well.

My SEO Heros

There are so many great SEO’s out there from whom I learn something new every day: Aleyda Solis, Lily Ray, Suganthan Mohanadasan, Hamlet Batista, just to name a few! I highly recommend having a look at my following list for a big dose of SEO goodness.

Why did I create this SEO blog? Aren’t there enough in this world? Am I trying to give Googlebot a headache on purpose trying to rank SEO blog?

This is probably the longest H2 that anyone has ever thought to have, i had to break some kind of record here to get your attention.

I’ve created this space because I love SEO and I love learning new things every day. Twitter is largely how I learn/share new things and get inspired and up to date every minute of every day. But there’s definitely a lot out there, not everything is important (is news about a Googler getting a haircut really SEO news?) and only over time I’ve learned how to spot actual news, best practices, tools & useful guides for you to make the most out of them for your day to day.

And that’s what I think that this blog could bring to the table. In addition to sharing my own research, I’ll be sharing my “black book(marks)” of SEO content & best practices that shape my day to day and help me grow as a professional, so I’ll be decluttering Twitter for you, in the form of bite-size information, lists & digestible content for you to keep it simple and focus only on what really moves the needle for you

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests or speaking ops 🙂

Hope you find this both fun & informational!